What the f*** has Obama done so far?

Friday, August 12th, 2011 @ 12:56 pm | Politics

While it’s entertaining watching Michele Bachman brag she would have torpedoed the US economy by forcing a default and then claiming we should elect her crazy ass over Obama, here’s a helpful reminder of just how good Obama has been for the country.


4 Responses to “What the f*** has Obama done so far?”

  1. Jldmeyer Says:

    But saying he has done nothing sounds like a much better soundbite. Say what you want about good ol’ Barry. When the debates roll around, he’s gonna bring it and has the facts to back it up. What people have to realize is that he inherited a s**t pile and we expected him to turn it into a rosebush. Not only was the economy s**t, but also our war efforts, and our standing worldwide. The age old question of “are we better off” is a very marginal yes, but man o’ man if we would have stayed on the Bush tracks it would have been a very scary situation. And as far as Bachman goes, the Tea Party now has set its sights on impeaching Obama…and they don’t even have a good reason for doing it except petty hatred for the president of their country. Isn’t that by definition, treason?

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    Close, but trying to sabotage the economy, forcing default just one attempt, so you can blame it on Obama in 2012 claims the top prize. The impeachment threat is just a joke that would only hurt them (although every day we show the world loons infest our government isn’t good), but that S&P downgrade is just a taste of what they tried to do to the US.

    They opposed TARP, they opposed the stimulus, they opposed saving GM, they opposed financial reform, and they just tried actively tanking the economy. Really, call it what you want, but that duck is walking and quacking.

  3. Henry Whistler Says:

    And just a note, I was a pretty reluctant supporter of TARP but mostly because I wanted the effort to save Main St. to be as robust as the effort to save Wall St. Plus I’ve admitted since that TARP turned out to be a success that made back most of its cost. Tea Partiers STILL say it was wrong.

    I’m pretty sure though they just wanted to pass the baton and have Obama enact it so they could blame him for that spending too ( lord knows they blame him for it anyway.). But no matter how bad Bush II was, when that market crumbled he wasn’t going to take that fall. In some ways, I wonder if the Tea Party is trying to make Dubya look better by being so much more terrible.

  4. Jldmeyer Says:

    Anyone from our neck of the woods would remember the old Humboldt pool. That pool leaked thousands of gallons of water out of its foundation for decades. This is a rather red portion of Iowa and thus felt there was absolutely no need for a new pool. The old pool was just fine. It was fine when they were a kid and they were old enough that their kids didn’t use it anymore. None of my tax dollars therefore should be put into it. Just keep plugging those holes. It took 3-4 attempts before the community passed a measure to build a new pool. And build it they did. And those who voted no were against it and have been wanting it to fail since ground was first broken. When there was a colder summer and the attendance was down, they came out and declared the new pool a failure. A huge “told you so” they shouted. Why on earth would a community want something that is actually rather special to fail. Pure selfishness and spite. That is all the Tea Party represents. It is amazing that they would rather the country that they supposedly love fail…just so they can say I told you so. Selfish and spiteful. No wonder they don’t care about Medicare, Social Security, and social programs. There is only one person they care about. Themselves. They would rather sit in their leaky pool in Humboldt and complain about it instead of doing something about it.