Public disapproves of Obama on economy, likes Obama policies.

Thursday, September 8th, 2011 @ 12:13 pm | Barack Obama

This is why Republicans think obstruction can work for them. Even though the public likes Obama’s policy prescriptions for helping the economy, they will continue giving Obama low grades on the economy as long as things don’t get better.

If Obama’s policies aren’t implemented, and unemployment doesn’t show even marginal improvement, and Obama’s overall economic approval numbers remain in the toilet, Republicans could end up politically benefitting from successfully styming individual policies the American people say they want.

Voila! Keep the economy from getting better, Republicans figure, and Obama suffers, even if they’re responsible. Unless Obama spends this next year fighting and making the case for his policies and drawing a clear line in the sand. Voters will tend to blame the president without a clear picture, and Republicans are happy to keep it muddy. But if Obama doesn’t take the fight to Republicans and put them on the defensive, then he’s forgetting a major part of his job and the power of the bully pulpit. He must take the narrative out of their hands.

Btw maybe some goddamn Democrats should try to get on Meet the Press and back him up? The past three years offers a signature lesson for Democrats that pinning all their hopes on one person to do all the work for them doesn’t fly. Republicans were out there on the front lines every day of Bush’s presidency doing whatever they could to define the narrative…and nothing’s changed since Obama took office.


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