Too good not to steal from Andrew Sullivan.

Friday, October 12th, 2007 @ 1:57 am | Clueless Conservatives, Politics

But I always cite. I don’t know if all his readers are super-insightful, but he always manages to score some grand slam letters every couple of days. This one smashed somebody’s windshield in the parking lot:

I predict to a certainty that if a Democrat – any Democrat – wins the White House in November 2008, by mid-morning the day after that person is inaugurated in January of 2009, all the Republicans still in Congress, and all the Republicans on the federal bench, will suddenly find within themselves an all-consuming concern for the rule of law not to be vested in one man (or woman), for the centrality of checks and balances, for the overriding necessity for Congressional oversight, the supreme importance of impartial, apolitical administration of justice, and for the requirement in a free society that the government respect the privacy of all forms of communication between and among citizens. And they will be morally repelled by the idea of torture.

The Republican establishment does indeed believe in an autocratic Presidency, but only an autocratic Republican presidency. They are first, last, and always partisans, not patriots.

Andrew continually frets and quakes that Hillary Clinton will rush into office and scream “ALLZ YAH POWAH IS MINEZ!” with glee upon seeing all the benefits of the “unitary executive” granted to us by Cheney and his acolytes. Granted, one must have diminished expectations that the next President will rush to dismantle the throne that BushCo built, I don’t dispute that. But this reader nails the dynamic we will witness exactly. Before a Democrat is sworn in, Bush is likely to pull the plug on a few excesses, but the Republicans will become the Great Champions of the Constitution, pulling out their hair over the power vested in the executive branch (by themselves). Democrats will go right along with it, finally supported, but will be unlikely to sieze the credit in the public eye. The MSM will likely report it as a devastating defeat for the Democrat President, and tell stories of how Republicans were always stalwart believers in the Constitution.

The GOP is a sick and addled beast right now, thoroughly depraved and adrift. They were only ever an opposition party, and actually holding power was devastating for them, because everybody could see what happened when these flaming nutbags had an ounce of power. They can only be useful to America as an opposition party, offering some counterbalance and criticism of Democrat excesses and mistakes. Republicans in power = Habeus Who? Republicans out of power = Fast track to restoring the Constitution.

What can I say? Keep them out of the driver’s seat, keep them from having enough seats to filibuster, but if you tuck’em way in the backseat and occasionally bother to listen to them, they can potentially be halfway useful.


4 Responses to “Too good not to steal from Andrew Sullivan.”

  1. Jesurgislac Says:

    OT, but can you imagine how wild and woolly the wingnuts will be over their least-favorite elected President, Al Gore, winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

  2. jeromy Says:

    Oh I just scanned Salon’s blog report yesterday, it’s all they’re talking about. They’re apoplectic about it. Since Al Gore is a leading Democrat, the science must be wrong, and therefore the Nobel folks must also be wrong.

    Flat-earth theories can have some impressive legs at times. We’re talking about scientific validity with these people, most of whom think the Earth is 6000 years old.

  3. Dana Says:

    I’m sure that Mr Gore ought to be proud of winning a prize for which Stanley “Tookie” Williams was once nominated.

    Of course, you also have such luminaries as Yassir Arafat, a mass murderer and terrorist, Mikhail Gorbachev, a Soviet dictator, and Le Duc Tho, a Vietnamese Communist. At least they didn’t give the 1938 prize to Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler.

    Face facts: the prize is entirely political. This is the second time that the committe has used the prize to try to tweak George Bush (the 2002 award to Jimmy Catret being the other one), because the estrogen-soaked, testosterone-deficient European politicians don’t like our policies.

    When J used to visit my poor site, she asserted, many times, that Al Gore really won the 2000 election. Fortunately for the United States and the world, she is mistaken. (She also asserted that John Kerry won in 2004, though somewhat less adamantly.)

  4. jeromy Says:

    Sorry to break it to ya, Dana, but yes, Al Gore did by most counts win the 2000 election. Remember, the Supreme Court had to stop the vote counting for Bush to become your dear Great Leader.

    It seems to me that matter was pretty much settled as one of history’s great blunders. Not much of a surprise that over there in wingerland you guys have puffed each other up enough to consider it “settled” that Bush rightfully won Florida.

    But anyway, Bush did get to actually be president…and wasn’t that great? Today, Bush is regarded as a clusterfuck idiot and one of our worst presidents if not the worst (the severity and importance of today’s times elevates him in my view), and Al Gore is regarded as one of the greatest human beings on the planet. Truth will out, as they say.