Radiohead killed the record company.

Friday, October 12th, 2007 @ 12:53 pm | Culture, We'll post whatever we goddamned want to

I paid $7 for mine. Salon reports the numbers, and they’re jaw-dropping.

The British music newsletter Record of the Day conducted a poll of 3,000 purchasers of the album. People paid an average price of £4, about $8, the newsletter found.

Because the band isn’t working with a record label, it gets to keep all that money. If it had sold its songs instead on iTunes, it would likely have seen less than $1.50 per album.

Which means that if all these numbers are right — 1.2 million units at $8 each — Thom Yorke and his pals are seeing a lot of green right now.

$1.50 per album through iTunes? Or hire some web geeks for a few grand to set up a site and a server, and rake in millions? Every single musician working out there today just did a double-take and ran to the bathroom to clean their soiled undies. Every record company executive started looking into other careers. And music lovers everywhere rejoiced…

…although I haven’t made up my mind if the new Radiohead is good. Better give it another listen.


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  1. Benny Skyn Says:


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    Vote responsibly, not traditionally…
    Benny Skyn