Triflin’ fools.

Monday, September 26th, 2011 @ 2:16 pm | Energy

I dunno, I guess the Republicans think they have something here with Solyndra?

Now Jesus knows Republicans don’t require anything other than an opening for an ominous soundbite to flail their arms and possibly start impeachment proceedings. They want an opening, and they want it bad. So what appears to be sloppiness and an eagerness to get green energy works projects going is now Teh Sinister Conspiraceeeee!

But here’s the underlying reality behind why Solyndra failed: While Darrel Issa is moaning about the horror of losing $500 million investing in Solyndra (they should have opened their factory in Iraq, Republicans would forgive them for blowing billions), China has invested $30 billion in solar energy, and is now blowing us away. US share of the market has plummeted to 7%.

Are Republicans angry that we let China develop an industry that could beat ours? Nope. Captain Dipshit, Ed Morrissey, concludes that since our smaller subsidies didn’t elevate the American solar industry above the better-subsidized Chinese ones, that subsidies are a bad idea.

Are Republicans unable to stomach billionaire George Kaiser donating some money to a Chicago Hospital to curry favor with politicians? In a post-Citizens United world, where legalized bribery has become constitutionally protected? Where Google decides it wants better taxes and anti-trust forgiveness, so it starts larding money on Republican politicians? Getting a politician’s ear by dropping large chunks of change into their campaign coffers is how Washington works, and the conservative Supreme Court has removed all obstructions to corruption. That said, greenlighting green energy was something the administration already firmly believed in, donations or not.

On the other hand, Republicans are so enmeshed in oil and fossil fuels, having let the dollars of those industries replace their brains, that Solyndra really is about something bigger to them: killing green energy as competition to fossils. Please, these are the same people who let oil dollars actually convince them 98% of climate scientists are wrong. And if they think solar could do some good, they certainly don’t want Democrats to be seen creating prosperity. Surely some Republican businessmen smell money to be made with solar, but you know, Al Gore, so yeah. Where fossil fuel dollars don’t take them, hating Democrats will ferry them the rest of the way.


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