De-program the rich-worship/poor-hatred.

Thursday, September 29th, 2011 @ 1:48 pm | Politics

The whole article by Joshua Holland is necessary reading:

In his classic book, “Why Americans Hate Welfare,” Martin Gilens found a striking disconnect: Significant majorities of Americans told pollsters that they wanted public spending to fight poverty to be increased at the same time that similar majorities said they were opposed to welfare. Gilens studied a number of different opinion polls and concluded that the disconnect was driven by a widespread belief that “most welfare recipients don’t really need it,” and by racial animus — “perceptions that welfare recipients are undeserving and blacks are lazy.”

A quick rundown of the ideas that have embedded themselves into American culture via the GOP that aren’t true and tear away at our will to make this a better country for everyone:

1. Registering the Poor to Vote Is “Un-American”
2. Unemployment Benefits Have Created a “Nation of Slackers”
3. You Can’t Really Be Poor if You Have a Color TV!
4. Food-Stamps: “A Fossil That Repeats All the Errors of the War on Poverty”
5. “The Main Causes of Child Poverty Are Low Levels of Parental Work and the Absence of Fathers”
6. Taxing Working People Less Than the Rich Is “Perverse”

If any of those sound good to you, go read the article. If they don’t but you’d like to better learn why they’re wrong, go read the article.


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