Comrade Reagan

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 @ 11:48 pm | Politics

Ronald Reagan calling on millionaires to pay their fair share.

There are two Reagans.  The one that exists in the minds of crazed, right wingers and the one that exists in legislative, and therefore, factual reality.    Besides John F. Kennedy you’d be hard pressed to think of a more mythologized administration.

3 Responses to “Comrade Reagan”

  1. Henry Whistler Says:

    Hey, they can do it to Jesus so it ain’t a problem doing it to Reagan. Use the image, to hell with the substance.

  2. Karl Says:

    If any of your readers would like to hear more about this issue, check out the audio interview at

  3. Henry Whistler Says:

    To round out the question I was having such a hard time answering, I tend to like Al Franken, Bernie Sanders…Barney Frank is capable of being quite brilliant and bold when speaking when he isn’t being a corporate tool.

    But sadly, the most vocal Democrat on jobs right now is Obama. Are the Democrats going to back him up? What Democrat could be afraid of the jobs bill? It’s all golden, all popular measures. Just when we start to get somewhere, the goddamn Blue Dogs who got slaughtered in 2010 keep roadblocking us.