It becomes black and white when they declare war on the EPA.

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 @ 10:16 pm | Politics

Rick Perry had a good point and actually thrust a pretty deep dagger into the psyche of the right: They have no heart for certain people. Wrong sexuality, wrong religion, wrong region- all disqualifiers, and many more exist.

Namely, people who don’t want to be poisoned, thereby limiting profit. Mix that with Republicans who hate the great Al Gore and you have a grassroots movement to take out one of the most fundamental functions of government, protecting our health. Yes, I thought it was just crazy Michele Bachman rambling like the usual madwoman idiot she is, but it turns out she had her ear to the ground in rightwing lunatic territory, and she’s not the only one: Yes, they actually want to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency.

Yes, despite 62% of Republicans wanting the EPA left alone, despite the EPA’s regulations actually paying for themselves, the Koch brothers and other big contributors still want to dump toxic waste into the environment and let your children deal with it. No, Republicans don’t want to abort a fetus, but they’ll sure as hell force it to ingest poisonous substances.

And yes, let’s not forget that as with any issue, if Republicans politicians get excited about something a number of Democrats automatically peel off and back them up (fuck you, Senators Nelson and Tester, for actually filibustering the overwhelmingly publicly supported jobs bill). Throw in the campaign dollars and you can get plenty more. Even President Obama has balanced a forward-thinking approach to renewables with utter pacification of fossil fuels and industry pollution.

But while a few Democrats will always go wobbly, let’s not forget that these things always germinate and erupt from the right. And this crusade against the EPA is without a doubt their baby. Also doubtless is its nature: evil. Not quibbling over a regulation here or there, no…but mounting a coordinated attack to neuter or do away with the EPA entirely is turning one’s back on Americans in a way that seems to come increasingly easy to Republicans. Deliberately trying to tank the economy over the debt ceiling was one thing, but literally disrupting the government’s power to protect the health of innocent Americans?

Somehow, I just have to believe the darkness must appear to win before good triumphs. Unfortunately, that’s going to mean disease and death.


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