Rush Limbaugh displays political courage.

Friday, October 14th, 2011 @ 12:46 am | Election crap

It only took him his entire life. Rush Limbaugh has come out and stated plainly what absolutely everybody knows about Romney: He has absolutely no core principles, unless you permit, “I love America!”

Now let’s not forget, Republicans have few principles, but they at least lurch right most of the time whenever Obama has tried to compromise by using Republican policy ideas to meet Democratic goals, e.g. health care reform. But oh, do they lurch!

Since President Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, Republicans have reversed their stances on many different policies and beliefs. Here are 24 of them.

1. Health Care Mandates) Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act by Democrats, Republicans widely supported the idea of an individual health care insurance mandate, Newt Gingrich being perhaps the chief supporter. Republicans have always preached about how people need to take responsibility for themselves, and now that a law exists that makes people take responsibility, the GOP is rejecting it simply on the grounds that President Obama and the Democrats passed it.

2. The Nuclear START Treaty) Republicans shamelessly filibustered the ratification of the Obama START Treaty for quite a period of time and criticized it tremendously and continue to try and find ways to circumvent the treaty today. What Republicans conveniently forget is that Ronald Reagan, the man that Republicans worship like a God, negotiated the very first START Treaty which was signed by yet another Republican, George H. W. Bush in 1991. That treaty expired in 2009 so President Obama negotiated a new one to continue the Reagan legacy. But since President Obama negotiated this treaty, Republicans retreated from Reagan’s policy faster than the decade it took to create the START Treaty in the first place.

3. Dream Act) Immigration reform has been touted by Republicans for decades now. Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the 1980?s. Most recently, Republicans worked on immigration reform under the Bush Administration and failed. President Bush and Senator John McCain both supported immigration reform and were willing to cross the aisle to work with Democrats, most notably Edward Kennedy. All of that work and bipartisanship ceased after the 2008 Election. Staunchly opposed to President Obama and anything his administration supports, Republicans turned their backs on immigration reform in favor of militarizing the border and laws that violate the civil rights of Hispanics. Obama’s Dream Act would do much that Reagan would approve of, but Republicans refuse hear anything of it.

Out of the twenty-four, I’d say the author does a clean and clear job on about twenty-two. Two, not so much. One always has to be careful who one casually compares to Hitler, as Hank Williams and Megan Fox know. But the verdict is unmistakable: The Democrats are trying to hold onto stances that used to be considered bipartisan (and typically poll well with majorities), the Republicans are the people we used to rightly regard as goonish Birchers, Confederates, and Klansmen.

But then there’s Romney, a man with no mooring or no compass. One can only wonder how easily circumstance could lead him to run as a Democrat if he thought it would get him more votes. Romney must vex Limbaugh so, because the only Republican with a fighting chance against Obama is the one trying most to avoid sounding like a genuine teabagger. He panders for their votes whenever possible, of course, accumulating a decent-sized pile of horse manure in the process, but everybody knows he’s a panderer, including Mitt. There’s no mystery. Faced with the choice of trying to carry water for Romney for the next thirteen months, Limbaugh, a famous water-carrier, is crying uncle. It’s one hell of a Hail Mary, fishing for some great mythical Republican candidate to come along who can give the teabaggers what they want and win an election, but it’s kind of like wishing for a good, smart, kind woman who will also be a dirty whore in the bedroom. They may exist, somewhere out there, but in general you end up getting one or the other. Romney’s just the gold-digger who will take Republicans to town in divorce court.

And that’s one thing Rush Limbaugh knows a lot about, divorce. That and pill addiction. And sex tourism. And decorating his home like a French fop of a poseur. But I digress…


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