Killing America to save America.

Fortunately, the White House is issuing a pretty stiff veto threat to a law invalidating the US Constitution and pretty much Western Civilization for those accused of terrorism (or supporting terrorists, of course, or possibly knowing something about terrorists…) and locking people up indefinitely, US citizen or otherwise.

Yet, as usual, we have a Republican Party that long ago stopped caring about due process for non-Republicans and enough chickenshit Democrats peeling off at the slightest whiff of being “weak” to get it passed in the Senate. Where’s Newt Gingrich with a history lesson when you need him?


2 Responses to “Killing America to save America.”

  1. AJKamper Says:

    Out of curiosity, have you seen anyone give what even looks like a reasonable defense of this bill? I assume to get 60 senators to vote for it there would have to be some rational argument, even if it’s basically wrong, but I haven’t even seen an attempt. Other than, “Well, you know we wouldn’t misuse this,” which doesn’t count.

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    That applies to a lot of subjects, I think, but it’s very true in this case. So often the axioms that neoconservatives tried to carve into our minds after 9/11 are built on sand, and sometimes shit. But if you really go after them on fundamental principles, they will either scamper or get all self-righteous about saving the people from scary terrorists.

    For these guys, if you’re against them on this, and you’re also for something like settlement freezes in the West Bank, you’re just the Other. They nestle up in identity politics and are never seen again.