Republican Congress Even Less Popular Than Democratic One

Friday, December 9th, 2011 @ 9:24 am | Politics

Say, doesn’t it seem like conservative blogs were really interested in public opinion about Congress just a couple years back?

6 Responses to “Republican Congress Even Less Popular Than Democratic One”

  1. mike Says:

    To them it’s all about Pelosi. Nothing else matters.

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    And what exactly it is about Nancy Pelosi that’s supposed to make her so horrible I’m not sure, besides her being a strong female who was a pretty damn good Speaker. If only the Senate had passed what the House did 2008-2010.

  3. mike g Says:

    It shrivels up their dicks when Boehner wells up with tears any time he’s in front of a microphone so they reflexively look for a woman to beat up on. It’s what they know. Makes perfect sense when you realize who these people are: fat, bald assholes that joined ROTC to avoid going to Vietnam and run off to the Dominican Republic with a bag of Viagra to get laid.

  4. Thomas Tallis Says:

    Pelosi radiates tenacity and has a really awesomely dismissive laugh. It probably sucks real bad to know that if you expressed ultra-con opinions in front of her, the first thing you’d see & hear would be That Laugh.

  5. AJKamper Says:

    I can think of two reasons people dislike Pelosi (besides that she’s a strong woman):

    1) She’s a liberal;
    2) She’s very good at her job (and pretty adamantine).

    That’s it, really. In my ideal world, sure, the Congress would be a bunch of compromise, agreement-minded folks, but this ain’t that world, and as a competitive, get-my-own-way Speaker she was absolutely terrific.

    I don’t necessarily agree with her all the time… maybe not much more than half the time… but I think she’s awesome.

  6. Henry Whistler Says:

    What disgusts me is hearing the “you just hate her because she’s a strong conservative woman!” argument applied towards blithering idiots like Palin and Bachman.