An Anonymous Person Agrees With Me!

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 @ 11:53 pm | Politics

Rod Dreher (via Roy Edroso) found an anonymous individual that buttresses his hatred of the poors:

[“Dr. Smith”] said that many of the patients he sees “are people who are poor because they just don’t want to work. They’ve never had a job and they never will have a job. They’re fine with that.”

He said that the general public has no idea how much money is wasted on medical fraud and abuse by members of the underclass, and on treating people who have no intention of being anything other than dependents on the state, and who will demand treatment “if they as much as stub their toe” because they don’t have to pay for it…

The observable common behavior [of the poor] is so strange, irresponsible, and wholly dysfunctional that it’s hard to relate it to any norms we recognize as healthy, or even sane. But one is not permitted to say things like this out loud, or one will be accused of heartlessness, and worse.

Yet here’s Dreher saying it out loud; what a brave fellow! Be nice to him, now, he just lost his sister.

At the hospital I work at we refer to the class of people that Dreher is meta-speaking of as the “mentally ill”. Or more specifically, “schizophrenics” or “those suffering from bi-polar disorder” or “dementia” who, when filling out job applications, defer to the voices in their heads when listing references. How unscrupulous of them! But therein lies the rub: they’re either digging through your garbage or they’re involved in some form of established state run mental health systems that are perpetually under-funded. The problem is that right-wingers find both of the above two options disagreeable and instead unanimously prefer the far more expensive option of incarceration because it’s not really about public health issues or the money being spent on hypothetical stubbed toes. It’s about looking for an opportunity to complain that Somebody Is Getting Something That They Don’t Deserve.


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