When a Republican writes this an angel gets its wings.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 @ 11:51 am | Politics


If you were trying to come up with the most atrocious candidate imaginable to go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama in 2012, you couldn’t do much better than Mitt Romney. He was an unpopular moderate governor who lost 2 out of the 3 major elections he’s run in and whose signature issue Romneycare is an enormous failure. Moreover, he’s so uninspiring that he makes Bob Dole look like Ronald Reagan and that’s before you consider his incessant flip-flopping that makes it impossible to really know where he stands on any issue. Romney’s candidacy also runs counter to almost every political trend in the book right now. He’s the antithesis of everything the Tea Party stands for — a moderate establishment-endorsed, principle-free Rockefeller Republican. On the other hand, he’s like a bad guy straight out of central casting for the Occupy Wall Street crowd, a conscience-free 1 percenter who makes $10,000 bets and lectures the public about how corporations are people — while hordes of poor and middle class Americans that he fired trail in his wake telling tales of woe about how Romney made their lives into a living hell.

This is just as brutal:

The best thing of all is that the rest of their choices aren’t any better. They’re trying to resuscitate Newt, for gawd’s sake. That’s trading one symbol of all that’s wrong with Republican politicians for another, but losing the hair and chiseled jaw in exchange for a giant grey man-baby.

So with the GOP presidential race winnowing down its field of mediocrity down to a flower pot of amorphophallus titanum, I declare today that 2012 is really about Congress. Just as it’s always been.

It’s been cool and hip to declare more loudly than the next liberal how much President Obama has betrayed the base and his accomplishments are trifling. Hell, sometimes it’s been on the nose. But let’s take the latest horrible betrayal: The NDAA.

SO who among the self-mutilating Republican-enabling left will care to point out that the bill was sent to President Obama with a Senate vote of 86-13?

Should Obama still have vetoed it? Yep, I absolutely believe he could have and should have attempted to peel off more Senators and get out the offending amendment. Would he have succeeded? Possibly. But when a bill comes his way with a nearly twenty vote margin above a veto override, I’m not about to use all my gunpowder on Obama.

The core reality, the path that will actually get something done in this world we live in where Republicans are running on torture, abolishing women’s rights and starting a war with Iran, is to primary the hell out of these jackasses in Congress whenever we get the chance and to start standing up for liberal values even in the reddest of the red states. The fact that Obama even got healthcare passed was because Democrats were succeeding at doing this since the fire got lit under their asses in 2004 and he was able, for a few months there, to get 60 Senators to override the Republican filibuster.

Without Congress, there is nothing. Even with Congress, we were blocked and obstructed, the really good Democrats in the House sending bill after bill to the Senate to die. We have to have complete control of Congress and have Republican Senators afraid to try stalling.

So primary every unsatisfactory Democrat with grassroots money, and beat the living shit out of every Republican in an election. That’s how you’ll get something done. That’s how you’ll get a world where Congress restores the Constitution. That’s how you get your Democratic president signing one good bill after another. That’s how you’ll get the Glenn Greenwalds of the left applauding their leaders with clear conscience. That’s how you’ll get your country back, and by “your country” you mean one with a real goddamn Constitution, not just one with a white president ala the Tea Party.


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