People power winning.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 @ 12:33 pm | Politics

Wisconsin voters got a million signatures to give Scott Walker the boot for his disastrous, deceptive mauling of the office of governor. And it’s looking like yesterday’s SOPA awareness effort made a huge splash, got people talking, and turned a few politicians away from the entertainment industry money. Now I am, of course, a big entertainment industry supporter but don’t tell us we have to break the internet and give their lawyers the kill switch for them to make a buck.

People power, right? Make sure you take an extra fifty bucks before November and give to as many as five or ten candidates you support. Five bucks from you makes a huge dent in the system. It’s money that the politician owes to the electorate, not just the big money sponsors. If everybody with an opinion gave a candidate five bucks, every candidate in America will be awash in campaign cash, thus neutralizing the impact of money. Flood the system with your currency, and the policies will rise to the top. Real debates will be had. And won.


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