Somebody’s going to have to explain this one to me.

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 @ 12:36 pm | Clueless Conservatives, Election crap, Politics

Santorum wins Iowa by 34 votes and it’s declared a draw?

So somebody neutralized those 34 votes.

Who has that power? I’d like to know, and why. What is the limit?


5 Responses to “Somebody’s going to have to explain this one to me.”

  1. Yorkshire Says:

    They lost 8 precincts and that count. The other 1700+ precincts produced a Santorum 34 vote lead. I did hear Romney conceded.

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    Yep, they ended up correcting this, but it’s just disturbing that anybody would entertain the notion. If the count is final, a one vote lead is a victory, period.

  3. Yorkshire Says:

    What the real problem is they lost the ballots in 8 precincts. I know it was a caucus vote which to me seemed rather informal as compared to voting day. Let’s hope November goes perfect.

  4. Yorkshire Says:

    Henry, you know Dana Shut Down CSPT and started First Street Journal with rules this time.

  5. Henry Whistler Says:

    I do. Not sure I care. Right now I’ve got so much on my plate that I barely give this site the attention it deserves. On top of my baby boy, I started Brazilian jiu jitsu classes a couple nights a week, I’m almost close to finishing screenplay #7, I go an 8″ Vizio tablet for $200 that I’m reading a bunch of books on, there’s always house cleaning to be done, and after awarding my step-daughter a grace period of a month to play as much as she wanted, I jumped into Skyrim and ZOMFG…

    As far as I’m concerned, Dana quitting CSPT was waving a white flag. Dana’s been called out as a cynic who’d still attack Obama if he followed every one of Dana’s insane prescriptions for the economy the past three years. Not to mention that the GOP primary is down to two of the most unelectable turds in modern history competing to be the next Dole/McCain, neither of whom are worthy of licking either Dole or McCain’s shoes.

    Mike and I have been sitting around guffawing at the GOP primary, and the craziest thing is that Republicans are starting to realize we’re entirely justified in doing so. As the WSJ said, Republicans deserve to lose this election. They’ve acted in bad, bad faith. They handed off the worst economic crisis since the 30s to a Democratic president and they just couldn’t resist the forbidden fruit. Republicans did everything they could to obstruct, undermine, and pin the blame on Obama and the Democrats for the mess Republicans made, and despite it all the economy is starting to show signs of life. Nearly everything Obama tried helped, and nearly everything Republicans blocked hurt.

    Some day I’ll be curious what you guys are trying to tell yourselves over there to sleep at night, but not right now. I’m much more intrigued by the possibility of baiting that idiot Erick Erickson into a fight he’ll lose badly than beating up on you guys all over again. Fresh meat!