Bin Laden dead, wars ending, economy ticking upwards…

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 @ 3:29 pm | Crazy Tea Party People, Culture

…so is it time for Republicans to turn to culture war issues because they are quickly running out of things to talk about?

Because no, I do not think that will win the election either.

But after the war on women that the Tea Party waged once in office, I’d say it’s a topic well worth addressing. Is the Republican vision for the future one in which only nice well-to-do families get access to birth control? And then we stop support programs for poor children and everybody pulls themselves up by their bootstraps, resulting in a country where 90% are objectively wealthy? And everybody starts doing this once we permanently ban gay marriage?

Just tell me what that vision for the future is, Republicans. Rick Santorum swept three states literally running on a platform of solving all of our economic ills though family values.

Bring on the sunshine, Santorum! Save the Republicans from Mitt with cultural conservatism, please. As I’ve noted many times, I just can’t lose with this GOP primary.


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