I hang my weary head.

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 @ 10:39 pm | Election crap

Okay, so the new smartass Beltway vomit is that, even though everybody knows Mitt Romney has reversed every position he’s ever held and landed on “severely conservative,” the Obama campaign must either attack him for being a flip flopper without attacking his policy promises, or they must attack the policy promises and never call him a flip flopper.

The Washington elite seems to have a pretty easy time with their view that Romney may be a serial liar, but that’s a good thing since the horrible things he’s saying won’t really matter. This is a pretty remarkable contortion, isn’t it? Isn’t the fact that he flip flopped into a pile of dog crap doubly incriminating? Why should anybody running against him expect to leave out half the story?

Are we to see a repeat of 2004, where the Republican is given carte blanche to lie freely while the Democrats were scolded for telling the truth? I suspect that Romney’s anti-charisma will eventually make this conceit unsustainable, but as long as Jake Tapper or Mark Halperin collect paychecks, and as long as Politico exists and the Washington Post editorial board is run by wanker Fred Hiatt, bullshit like this will continue to pass as common wisdom among the Very Serious People. Oh, wait, this came from Huffington Post. Thanks, Arianna.


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