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Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 @ 10:56 am | Politics

This is an absolutely brutal takedown of the Republican whining over the fact that President Obama rolled the dice on an incredibly risky bin Laden mission (and added the helicopters necessary for it to be a success) and isn’t afraid to take credit for it. He notes the most stunning contrast, that Republicans shamelessly politicized the 9/11 attacks when they were a result of Republican failure in the form of Iraq-obsessed/Al Queda-dismissive incompetents George W. Bush and Dick Cheney followed by seven years of coming up empty (after first screwing up in Tora Bora, giving up entirely), yet they can’t stand Obama getting credit for his actual success.

Six months after 9/11:

Yet Republicans have been happy to smear any Democrat as weak or soft on terrorists. We haven’t seen much of it since bin Laden was killed, but Mitt Romney continues to go on the campaign trail deliberately lying about President Obama “apologizing” to the world for America (begging the question of whether or not we actually do have anything to apologize for, since of course we do).

Just for kicks, go into a rightwing blog comments section and point out that 9/11 happened because Bush dropped the ball, watch the fun ensue. They can’t stand it because it burns, it burns!

Andrew Sullivan throws in a few more kicks, especially at the incredible chutzpah of John McCain saying heroes don’t brag. This from a guy who built his career on getting shot down and captured in Vietnam, but I don’t think anybody’s listened to McCain much since he squandered his integrity in his last two campaigns. “If Bush had done it, he would have jumped out of a helicopter in a jump-suit with fireworks,” snarks Sully to great effect.

Really, is anybody fooled by what’s going on here?


UPDATE: One thousand words here:

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