Real America!

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 @ 6:35 pm | Politics

The dirty, filthy liberals over at JP Morgan have released a chart showing the benefit of monetary unions within political borders:

The chart above has an unintended lesson: that you can choose to live in a low tax, low regulation paradise like Mississippi and live like RealTrueAmericans but only when there are Left Coast Liberal Elite states around to foot the bill for you.

You’re welcome, Red Staters!

2 Responses to “Real America!”

  1. tellthewholestory Says:

    Now that’s rather half-baked isn’t it? Union benefit? JP Morgan said that? And what were the terms of expenditures? Natural disaster relief? Katrina for Mississippi? Tornadoes in Missouri? Flooding?

  2. mike Says:

    The terms are as indicated on the chart: “Dollars, federal spending received per dollar of tax paid, 2005”. You can see a larger data set here.

    There’s nothing “half-baked” about it. Red States continually rely on Blue State subsidies for their fiscal irresponsibility.