White people are pissed at black people.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 @ 12:52 am | Politics

Check the comment thread for the underbelly of the Republican Party that polite company doesn’t like to talk about.

None of them are racist, of course.


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  1. misinformationfromiowaliberal Says:

    You iowa liberal people are nuts if you don’t see the hatred coming out of the new black panthers and the unjust actions of eric holder.

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    Reasons you’re nuts:

    1. Black panthers are irrelevant and tiny, hyped up by people like Glenn Beck and Fox News to scare white people.
    2. You’re comparing those commenters to Eric Holder.
    3. You’re linking to Glenn Beck’s site.

    Instantly, you have zero credibility and you didn’t bother to back up anything you said.

  3. iowaliberalmisinforms Says:

    Look,your story linked to all the evidence necessary, the new black panthers are filled with hate and not some fringe group either. Coupled with louis farrakhan and others, the hate grows. The commenters actually made sense, you didn’t refute anything they said yet imply racism. How so? Claiming racism doesn’t mean racism exists. Linking to the Blaze is providing substance. Again, you claim something, but don’t back it up. What information on the Blaze is not credible? How does that make my comment not credible? Pot, kettle, black my friend, you talk trash, but do absolutely nothing to back up what you say.

    You’re hollow in thought.

    Liberal bullshit, childish rhetoric, that’s what http://www.iowaliberal.com is all about




  4. Henry Whistler Says:

    Reasons you’re an idiot:

    1. Nothing in that article provided a scrap of evidence that the black panthers are not a fringe group. Their peak membership was in 1969 at 10,000, and Republicans have been talking about a couple guys standing near a voting location for four years now.

    2. Louis Farrakhan, boy that kid’s on the rise, isn’t he? He was barely relevant when I was in college in the early 90s, and he was declared a fringe crackpot by just about everybody on the planet, including the left.

    3. The hate grows, alright. Just read that comment thread, which “makes sense” to you because you’re a black-hatin’ asshole:

    “They know what they want….reparations and spilled blood from “crackers”…and Barry is cheer-leading and fanning the flames.”

    “barry has them convinced the hispanos will pick up their machetes and run to the sound of the chanting, silly rabbit”

    “Europe didn’t need blacks to advance beyond the rest of the world and that is where whites came from. Now that Europe is inundated with blacks, Arabs, and Pakistanis, etc, it is going down hill. Do you suppose their is a correlation?

    We know exactly what Africa would have become without slavery…..what it is today, with the same brutality, genocide, and poverty.

    Africans didn’t know what narural resources were until someone else discovered them. They lived in a tribal world with zero technology or science before Europeans came to Africa.”

    “With a populace of 12.9% of our total population I’d say 3% of the 12.9% wanna dance. So let’s dance Zulu. What you waitin for Homie? An invitation? Consider this as one Mook and bring Samir and Jerry with ya.”

    I could keep going on, but those are merely the most blatant ones. The rest are built on these pillars:

    1. Blacks are racist towards whites, without question.
    2. White racism towards blacks is negligible to non-existent.
    3. Grab them bootstraps and stop asking for a handout, lazy whiny black people!

    Which all makes perfect sense to racist white people, but not to any remotely removed observer, or anybody who has ever bothered to even listen to what most black voices ever say.

    Things it misses:

    1. Blacks were only ever granted equal rights, a real seat at the table, 44 years ago, after 400 years of slavery, exploitation, murder, rape, lynching, and open visceral hatred against all of their skin color.
    2. Three years later, the War on Drugs began. They have been continually stopped by police and arrested far more often than whites for the same offenses, while using drugs no more than whites.
    3. They are regularly given harsher sentences for the same crimes as whites.

    The result? Hardly a single black American is untouched by a disproportionately waged war on them and/or their families. Hardly a single black American doesn’t know what it is to be stopped by police, rudely searched and questioned regardless of their income level. Children grow up without fathers because they’re in prison, tearing families apart.

    Not to mention discriminatory hiring practices, which affirmative action was instituted to combat. Work hard and you’ll do well? How is that, when having a black-sounding name gets your application thrown in the garbage?

    How is that, when most blacks are working, and many in multiple jobs? Yet Republicans are consistently, fanatically on the side of millionaires and billionaires, who suck up all increases in profit and productivity while lobbying heavily for more tax cuts. Those who are poor face less economic mobility in the United States than people in Europe.

    And that may be one of the worst slanders of all, characterizing the entire sum and total of black political activism as, ‘More welfare checks, whitey!’ From Limbaugh on down, Republicans cry about “reparations.”

    Meanwhile, a black president is elected and faces daily insinuations about his birth, his loyalties, his qualifications, his supposed seething racial resentments. White Republicans assume blacks should merely let such things slide like water off nappy hair, I guess. The problem is that while the white Republican is enthusiastically blind to the fact that their favorite radio performer and arguable party leader has built a 25 year career off insulting blacks, blacks themselves are not so stupid.

    Really, over and over again all black claims of racism are dismissed out of hand, yet the Republican party is driven by white people claiming THEY are truly the oppressed ones. White people should be angry, black people should shut the fuck up. It’s threaded through every word.

    Almost nobody disagrees with the idea that we should go out there, work hard and be rewarded for our success. And if you were ever listening, that’s what blacks have been asking for all along.

  5. iowaliberalmisinforms Says:

    Wow look at all the liberal excuse making…. work hard and be rewarded for success? Vote Republican. That’s all blacks have been asking for all along – YOUR WORDS – and yet they vote democrat. What a losing proposition. You’re an idiot. You don’t do homework, you make excuses, you try to justify liberal ideals like a blind stooge, and idiot, a dumbshit.

  6. iowaliberalmisinforms Says:

    Democrats have done absolutely NOTHING for blacks, except create dependency. IOWA LIBERAL is FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Democrats have a TRACK record of providing nothing but false promises, and IOWA LIBERAL attempts to justify the track record, one of ABSOLUTE FAILURE!!!!!!!!


    Al Sharpton – liar.

    Jesse Jackson – liar.

    Iowa Liberal – liars.

    Congressional Black Caucus – liars.

    All of the above are oppressors. Liberals should shut the “F” up, they don’t know what they’re talking about and their track record is one of NOTHING BUT FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. iowaliberalmisinforms Says:

    Look at history readers, what the hell have the so-called black leaders provided people? ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRESS.

    http://www.iowaliberal.com + lying pieces of shit, who cannot, will not provide substance, will not tell you the truth, only issue propaganda, challenge them, and they bullshit and pretend they win the argument, but they don’t actually provide substance. They muddy, the distort, they fucking LIE!!!!!!!!!

    Example? Read their blog. Then vet the truth. Check their sources, it’s all debunked stuff. They spew frick’n lies, that’s all they do. They take pleasure in feeding you BULLSHIT.

  8. Henry Whistler Says:

    Gosh, I’m blown away by that coherent logical response. Want to work, vote Republican! Like puppies and rainbows? Vote Republican!

    I think if you want to read a la-la-la-liar, you should check out Coralville Courier. That guy is a piece of work. He’s just like you though, so perhaps you can make a friend and not melt down whenever somebody dismantles your bullshit.

  9. liberalsareidiots Says:


  10. Henry Whistler Says:

    In other words, liberals who try to help black people in any way or refuse to consider them to be inherently stupid are the real racists. The only non- racist position is to call them stupid and tell them to suck it up, while ignoring all impediments put in their way by the people who hold that “non-racist” position.

    I’m sure that sounds great to racist fuckers like yourself, but as you hate to notice, black voters refuse to be fooled.

    Since you didn’t respond to any of my other points, I’ll assume they stand.

  11. henry whistler is a liar Says:

    You didn’t make any valid points, all you did was make false claims.

    It’s funny, you don’t respond to valid points made, so readers can assume those stand.

    “The effects of liberal racism can be seen in the way black students taunt those among them who strive for achievement as sellouts who are “acting white.” Liberal racism can be seen in the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party, the National Education Association and other teachers’ unions, and black spokesmen such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, to maintain their power by opposing school choice for black children trapped in violent and failing public schools. Liberal racism can be seen in the way black voters are kept on the proverbial “liberal plantation” through scare tactics and attacks on “race traitors” such as Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, who have defied the party line. Liberal racism can be seen, paradoxically, most clearly in the way anyone straying from its premises is immediately branded as a “racist.” This is a powerful sanction that liberal racists use like a bludgeon to control the public discussion about race.”


    iowaliberal.com, the blog of lies, written by liars.

  12. Henry Whistler Says:

    You sure do have a problem with projection. The more you scream at me that I’m a liar while posting here with different names, changing your IP, and responding to my points by jumping to new arguments with little support other than your wish that they be true, the more clear is is whose pants are on fire.

    I don’t need to call you a racist to bludgeon your ability to discuss things. You have no ability to discuss things. I pointed out what’s racist about your words and the Daily Caller article/comments you say “makes sense,” you just can’t accept it because the actual truth sucks.

    And black Republicans will always face criticism as long as they laud the party without addressing its racist tendencies. Same goes for gay Republicans who are despised by most Republicans, female Republicans who support the war on women, Hispanic Republicans who dismiss the party’s visceral contempt for Hispanics, etc. When you join a club that hates you, you will be questioned. When a black Republican like Herman Cain rises to the level of presidential contender, despite profound ignorance, after telling Republicans that all the other black people are just brainwashed, he will be suspect.

    You have a serious conundrum in that you keep trying to declare Democrats the real racists and Republicans color-blind, but you can’t stop letting your real contempt for them and utter lack of concern for their interests shine through. You don’t understand why you can’t bow before Limbaugh and be accepted by blacks, because in the end you don’t give a fuck what black people think unless it’s to kowtow to your interests, which undercut them at every important juncture.

    Which is weird, because you’re so good at listening;)

  13. henry whistler, liberal parrot, non-thinking stooge Says:

    Wow, this is fish in the barrel kind of stuff. Everything you accuse others of being, is you. Look at what you wrote, oh goodness, why bother, you won’t give it an honest thought or evaluation. None of what your write actually depicts an honorable Republican, it depicts typical liberals. You guys are good at that, falsely accusing others of doing what you yourself are guilty of. Villifying success and achievement, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Herman Cain, is what liberals do because their sucess exposes the many flaws in liberalism, feigned racism being a shallow reaction to that. Making things up as a means to an end is shallow thinking. It’s agenda driven, not truth based thought. You have contempt for success, it is you that belongs to a hate club, it is you that isn’t successful by your own definition, it is you that is ignorant again, by your own definition. It is you that is brainwashed, it is you that is blind to history. In the end, you don’t give a crap what black people think unless it’s to manipulate it to further a liberal agenda. You undercut your own claims. Posting your little story to your blog is a manipulation of racism.

    Which is predictable, because you’re terrible at honest assessment.


  14. Henry Whistler Says:

    That would be what I meant by saying you have projection issues. Repeating what I tell you, i.e. ‘Nuh uh, you are!’, is not a real response. It’s a tactic. Kind of like accusing liberals of racism when you’re a racist ass like yourself.

    Or there’s the making shit up, like “vilifying success and achievement,” which has no connection to reality whatsoever. I applaud success and achievement, although in the case of people like Mitt Romney where it’s earned by cannibalizing companies, loading them with debt, firing workers and sending their jobs overseas, I will criticize success earned by hurting others. But no real qualms with Colin or Condoleeza or even Herman on that count. I explained exactly what my beef with Herman Cain was, and you turned around and created a straw man.

    You, shortly: “No, you create straw men liberal liar Henry Whistler!”

    But of course, people who know what a straw man is and who pay attention to coherent logic will know what the score is.

    Why don’t you just accept the fact that you’ve been spouting racist, ignorant, dishonest shit and quit trying to pin it off on somebody else while talking of honor? If you want an honest dialogue, I’m here. Unfortunately, it would require several hundred hours of therapy for you to even be capable of such a thing.

  15. AJKamper Says:

    I can’t believe you don’t get this, HW.

    When I call blacks lazy and uneducated, I’m not being racist, because I’m getting them to work harder.

    When you say that blacks have been oppressed by society and want to remove those barriers, you’re being racist, because then they won’t help themselves.

    How does this not make sense? Well, besides the obvious.

  16. henrywhistlerhaseyesbutcannotsee Says:

    “Years ago it was easy to be a racist. All you had to be was a white person using some of the racial epithets that are routinely used in song and everyday speech by many of today’s blacks. Or you had to chant “two, four, six, eight, we don’t want to integrate” when a black student showed up for admission to your high school or college. Of course, there was that dressing up in a hooded white gown. In any case, you didn’t have to be sophisticated to be a racist.”


  17. henrywhistlerisinineptdenial Says:

    The ignorant Henry Whistler wrote: “You sure do have a problem with projection.”

    This is what liberals do, accuse other people of the very thing they themselves are guilty of.

  18. Henry Whistler Says:

    No, liberals like myself offer evidence to support our contentions, and restrict ourselves to the confines of a coherent discussion. You merely accuse and provide non sequitur links with more accusations (this new one asserting that President Obama is racist towards black people). Along with lying, forming straw men, and responding to my most relevant points with silence.

    Really, I don’t know what sane non-racist person could read your unhinged diatribes and conclude that I’m doing anything other than humoring someone who needs psychiatric help before he hurts somebody.

  19. Henry Whistler Says:

    I should note however that your behavior, sadly, is all too typical of the Republican base. Without people like you powered by hatred, whether it be of blacks, gays, women, Hispanics, non-evangelicals, academics, etc., the GOP wouldn’t have much steam in the voting booth.