Liberal media update.

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 @ 10:36 am | Journamalism

Everybody knows Republican obstructionism and economic sabotage is the problem, but the media won’t go near it with a ten foot pole. Of course, because ombudsmen like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, etc. will declare it biased, and Beltway hacks are scared to death of them. Authors Mann and Ornstein were respected DC insiders before, but were immediately locked out of the kool kidz klub upon violating standards of rudeness by displeasing those titans of polite discourse.

I don’t know what holds back MSNBC here, as only Chris Hayes has had Mann and Ornstein on, but seriously.

That discussion should be happening over and over again.

Republicans have been punching Democrats by punching the country and pinning the blame on Democrats. Why? Because everybody knows those wonderful swing voters, even if they know Republicans are obstructing everything Obama tries, are likely to go along with it and blame Obama for not doing enough. Why are any Democrats holding back?

There’s an argument for weakness there, but weakness sucks. You punch back when you get punched, and harder, and more often. Democrats are too busy trying to play fisticuffs when the Republicans are going full unregulated MMA on them, groin shots and all. And guess what? The referee is happy to hold each to their own standards. There is no fair play here. Why? Because the press isn’t afraid of fisticuffs either. Democrats still scatter for the hills when the Beltway tsk tsks them, and the Beltway scatters for the hills when the bloodthirsty Republican mob comes after them.

Republicans define liberal bias as the willingness of any news outlet to report news that is not purposefully meant to flatter Republicans. As we well know, only FOX succeeds at meeting their standard of fairness, whereas FOX is a Republican-funded video outlet of the RNC. Only that standard will escape criticism. Democrats need only ask for journalism to be done to prosper.


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  1. mike Says:

    This video proves that the American Enterprise Institute is now under the influence of George Soros and his radical Alinskyite agenda.

  2. George Says:

    The whiny liberal recall effort in Wisconsin is an epic fail.

  3. Henry Whistler Says:

    Whiny is what Republicans call people standing up for themselves against big money. Democrats shot themselves in the foot by not supporting Barrett forcefully, and Walker won the way Mitt Romney, the man nobody likes, became the Republican presidential nominee. We had a system of legalized bribery before, but Citizens United blew all pretense. The agenda of the wealthiest will continue to dictate our liberties.

    Btw, isn’t Walker about to be indicted?

  4. George Says:

    Shocker, excuse making and re-direct from Henry Whistler. The games liberals play.

    The Scott Walker win demonstrates that a majority of the voting public supports trimming the fat off public sector union benefits. The Scott Walker win illustrates the public wants balanced budgets and real cuts in government spending. The Scott Walker win shows that most people get it – that over-reaching government is unsustainable.

    That’s a huge blow to the liberal way of doing things – of the government being the first and only cureall for all things.

    The people have spoken and liberals are refusing to listen.

  5. Henry Whistler Says:

    “The people” are the Koch brothers and other ultra-wealthy Republican billionaires buying and paying for Walker’s power to keep themselves from paying extra taxes or being responsible for poisoning the earth with pollution. The 7-1 spending advantage didn’t come from “the people.”

    So yes, Walker is about to be indicted, cool. Your “re-direct” answered the question for me.

    Scott Walker has the worst job growth record in the country, and the low jobs numbers we’re experiencing are the direct result of Republican obstruction of growth policies that increase demand.

    People do want balanced budgets, but Republicans sell that while simultaneously ruling out all talk of taxes, which is fiscally irresponsible pandering. The result? More deficits, more cuts that depress the economy further.

    And the liberal way of doing things is hardly the government being the first and only cure-all. That’s just you, happy to accuse others of lying, actually lying directly to me. That’s not even close to the truth. The liberal way of doing things is symbiosis, where the government creates conditions where business can thrive and thriving business helps the government perpetuate those conditions. Letting wealth concentrate among the tiny few does nothing to benefit society as a whole, and keeps the average working person earning the same paychecks while everything gets more expensive.

    This was also never about “trimming the fat,” it was about destroying union power so that corporations can run freely over people. The unions were at the table, they were cutting deals.

    You work for wealthy men for free, insuring that their agenda supersedes your own, convinced you will catch gold falling from their wheelbarrows. You think paying your taxes to have well-paid teachers in your schools is tyranny, but you will gleefully submit yourself to private tyranny and consider yourself lucky for the privilege.

    BTW, Wisconsin is overwhelmingly going for Obama in the general election. Don’t read too much into those tea leaves, pal.

  6. George Says:

    Another example of why you can never take what a liberal says at face value, by Henry Whistler.

    Walker outraised Barrett. Kudos to Walker.

    Yes, the Walker campaign raised more campaign cash than Barrett. That’s an accomplishment, not something to be whined about or used as an excuse. Reverse roles and Whistler would be using a double standard.

    Whistler *forgot* to mention that the Walker campaign received all kinds of $25, $50, $75 donations from Tea Party folks from all across the country. That was a HUGE factor in the gap between Walker and Barrett.

    Whistler also *forgot* to mention that unions contributed big time to the Barrett campaign in ways that aren’t measured on the books. The SEIU, the Teachers Unions, AFSME, IBEW, etc., all shipped their people to Wisconsin. Paid union rank and file were sent in from Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and states out west etc., to help with the union recall effort. The unions transported, housed and fed union members to *volunteer* in Wisconsin. Door knocking, phone calling, voter registration drives, delivering signs, pamphlets, brochures, coordinating/attending events, being surrogates on radio and TV, etc., all bought and paid for by unions, money Barrett didn’t have to raise or spend.

    We’ll never know how much the various unions sunk into this election, but it’s dishonest of you to imply a spending gap. And here’s something else Whistler *forgot* to mention. Tom Barrett was given more money by outside lobbying type groups than Walker was. According to, Barrett received $3,487,144 from outside groups, while Walker received $2,333,130.

    This election was indeed about trimming the fat, Whistler’s denial is cowardly, ignorant bullshit. The unions wanted to keep their gravy train, the cuts they were asked to approve were not at all unreasonable.

    Everything Walker said he would do, he did. His policies have resulted in lower unemployment, higher economic growth and a budget surplus.

    Walker exposed liberalism for what it is, extremely flawed.

    And Whistler pretends to know something about other people, but he doesn’t even know how to think things through for himself. He is a liberal.

    By the way, Barrett only won 12 counties. Obama didn’t show up in Wisconsin for a reason. Democrat polling has been awful wrong. Liberal/union concepts took a beating in California yesterday too. Whistler’s denial of things to come is laughable.

  7. Henry Whistler Says:

    1. From your own source:

    Voters were divided equally on the issues, some simply felt that Walker hadn’t done anything illegal (again, that may change very soon) and recalls shouldn’t be about political disagreements, no matter how dishonest Walker was about his intentions towards unions. I think that bouncing Walker would have been fair and good for Wisconsin, but it’s not an entirely unreasonable stance on its own.

    2. Pointing out the grassroots efforts only highlights the misfortune of it all being canceled out by a glut of money.

    It’s hilarious to note that you say I’m being dishonest for saying there was a spending gap. You admit there’s a spending gap, congratulating Walker with raising more (only 30% of his money came from Wisconsin versus 75% for Barrett. And if you’re going to plug it up with grassroots activity, even union contributions, how about a dollar value on that number? Your numbers don’t add up.

    3. Tables turned? Republican diehards weren’t too pleased with Citizens United when it meant Mitt Romney steamrolling over his challengers with similar ratios. All those “real” conservatives, and you guys ended up selecting a guy who was practically a progressive until he decided he wanted the Republican nomination and who lied every day until he got it.


    Scott Walker only has about 244,100 jobs to go to meet his pledge to create 250,000 jobs. As it is, he’s got the worst record in the country.

    The surplus is according to Walker, not to any outside group, and involved putting off debt payments.

    5. A bought-and-paid radical won in Wisconsin, for whatever reasons, but it won’t result in the glorious gains you promise. This is about, and always has been about, more tax cuts for the wealthy and less money for the middle class. The Republican war on unions hasn’t raised anybody’s wages except for CEOs, and the money doesn’t make its way back down to the bottom. And it only takes a fraction of the money saved to lubricate bankrupt political campaigns and hacks for hire willing to preach the reverse-Gospel of giving to the rich and letting the needy fend for themselves.

  8. George Says:

    1. Not my own source.
    2. Henry wants to blame how a majority of voters decided to cast their vote on the Koch Brothers. Henry must think the good people of Wisconsin are stupid.
    3. Henry continues to ignore the vast union influence of money and people in the recall race. Shipping people in, travel expenses, housing, food, duties all costs money. Henry knows the union doesn’t have to provide those numbers. Henry knows the duties the union covered were expenses and staffing the Barrett campaign didn’t have to shell out cash for. Henry is being intellectually dishonest.

    Henry continues to ignore valid points and attempt to redirect the conversation. Typical liberal bullshit.

    This election demonstrates that a majority of voters are tired of that very bullshit. Liberals, like Henry, try to spin it into being something it isn’t, he threw the wealthy line of garbage out there.

    That dog don’t hunt.

    A bought-and-paid union task force couldn’t win in Wisconsin. People see through the shenanigans. This is about, trimming fat, balanced budgets and common sense government. Henry is incapable of grasping those concepts. He is willing to preach the liberal gospel of higher taxes, continued deficit spending, increased debt and bigger government fixes everything.

    4. Henry failed to address any of the *forgot* to mention items previously brought up.

  9. George Says:

    More than 150,000 jobs were lost in the three years before Walker became governor.

    Jobs are being added on his watch.

    Prediction: Walker will have a net gain in jobs by the end of his term. Obama will not.

  10. Henry Whistler Says:

    As, of course, you’ll add in as many of the jobs the economy was shedding as Bush handed the keys to the burning building to Obama.

    By a fair standard that doesn’t hold Obama accountable for jobs lost due to the economic crash that started before he was elected, Obama has a net gain in jobs.

    His private sector growth is actually pretty good. Where’s he falling short? Where Reagan and GWB propped up their numbers: public employment.

    More later, but it’s good to see you depraved fucks over at Coralville Courier not pretending to be somebody else. I’d go over to your site to debate more often, but you guys like to edit people’s comments, as scumbags are wont to do.

  11. Henry Whistler Says:

    1. That was on the front page of
    2. Pandering ass. Obviously the public relations and advertising industries don’t exist because people cannot be persuaded. What, you claim I sold snake oil? Why, you accuse my customers of foolishness!

    You say shit like that precisely because you are an actual liar, con man, and charlatan.

    And you hardly tuned your ear into the will of the wise people after they elected Barack Obama and massive Democratic majorities.

    3. So you don’t know how much money value the unions contributed, thus you’re just making it up that it rivaled the massive hoard that Scott Walker got from wealthy individuals and other people outside Wisconsin.

    Unions will never be able to match the wealth of those who got 93% of the income gains of the past several years. If they can put some butts on the ground, then that should mean more than advertising bucks. I’d wager most of those people were volunteers who were fighting for something they believed in, and you’re just smearing the lot because you could care less what the truth is.

    4. “the liberal gospel of higher taxes, continued deficit spending, increased debt and bigger government”

    Yeah, I learned it from sainted liberal Ronald Reagan. At least as regards the taxes, he understood that revenue was half the equation. Or maybe I got the deficit spending and bigger government from George W. Bush?

    You’re so utterly full of shit. Republicans are pushing a plan that will slash taxes for the wealthy, increase Pentagon spending even higher, and pay for the bill by gutting Medicare, Medicaid, and virtually every other government program (dirty water and diseased meat for you!). It doesn’t slash the deficit, it adds $4 trillion to the deficit and says it will be paid for with “closing loopholes.”
    There isn’t a one of you in a position to lecture anybody about spending, especially when Obama’s policies have added less to the deficit than your favorite Republicans. We saw Republican principles at work when Bush took a surplus, gave it all away via tax cuts without paying down the deficit, and charged up a whole new batch of spending before sinking the economy so low it made the rest of his miserable presidency look like a walk in the park.

    You assholes just won’t be happy until you destroy the country for good though, will you?

  12. George Says:

    1. You can’t seem to get your own story straight. You referenced, not
    2. An informed voter and a union thug who is bought and paid for are two different things. And no, advertising is not inherently evil. People buy a certain brand of coffee because it is, the best brand for whatever reason important to them. Political ads are no different. You’ve just insulted a lot of people who evaluated all ads and make a choice based on some homework.
    3. NO, we’ll never know how many millions the unions spent on the Wisconsin recall election. They don’t have to report it. You won’t acknowledge that reality. You also won’t acknowledge the reality that Walker received a lot of small denomination donations from Tea Party folks across the country.
    4. Your multiple attempts at redirecting this conversation is almost amusing. But to humor you, Reagan established a blueprint for economic success. It’s too bad modern day Washington chooses not to emulate it.

  13. George Says:

    Henry Whistler, denying what really took place in Wisconsin. No reflection, no honest evaluation, just excuse making.

  14. Henry Whistler Says:

    Dude, you may not have noticed, but the constant stream of names and accusations always fits you better than it does me.

    1. Yes, I referenced that article because it was featured on the front page of, your source. Wispolitics presented that as a news item. So it aggregated, what’s your point? Do you accept the poll I cited, or are you “just excuse making”?

    2. “No, advertising is not inherently evil.” Did I say that anywhere? My point was that people wouldn’t give Scott Walker all that money without some expectation that it would work, and political ads are hardly sources of hard information that give even-minded voters the tools to make the best decisions. When they come from people like Scott Walker, they’re just going to be flat-out misleading because Republicans have a severe truth problem. “No honest evaluation,” that’s you again.

    3. So you don’t really have any info about what you’re talking about, you’re just saying UNION THUGS and expecting it to a) smear all grassroots activists who were fighting for what they believed in and b) balance the books with Walker’s $100K checks from wealthy donors.

    “Just excuse making,” again.

    4. I know some of Walker’s donations were small donations from outside Wisconsin, and if I had it my way Barrett would have gotten lots of small donations too. Like I said in my very first comment, it’s a fail on the part of the Democrats that they didn’t rally together for this election, while now they’re expected to be responsible for the fallout.

    Yes, the rightwinger community, hating teachers unions, largely because they teach science instead of creationist shit and block measures to direct public dollars towards religious schools, banded together to squash unions, while the left twiddled its thumbs.

    Of course, while I’m merely restating what I said before, you say I have “no reflection.” And while I said that it seems the idea of a recall at all is what seemed to fail (fueled by Walker’s advertising dollars shifting the frame of debate), you say I have “no reflection.”

    You let me know the day you ever say anything that amounts to reflection. Here’s a start: acknowledge Gee Dubya was your man for eight years and left the country with a broken economy and spiraling deficits that Obama inherited. Then maybe admit you spent the last three and a half years trying to kneecap Obama instead of helping the country recover, because you can’t stand the implications of Democrats fixing up the mess Republicans made.

    Or you could have just acknowledged what I previously said, that Mitt Romney used Citizens United to crush all the “real” Republicans running for president. But no, that’s “redirecting the conversation.”

    That’s a lot of missing reflection and evaluation from you, Coralville fuckwit, and lots of excuse making. Congrats, you won that election, but it’s only a bonus for Team Republican, not the US of A.

  15. George Says:

    Henry Whistler’s responses amount to: The Wisconsin loss for liberals was George Bush’s fault.

    He’s such a morpher, but that’s what liberals do. Why? Because they lack substance, they lack the truth.

    Henry is in denial, he just can’t bring himself to admit that public sector unions have become a problem, that the general public has taken a dislike to them. That IS a reality.

    Walker’s policies are working, and that irritates liberals like Hentry. It exposes the many flaws of liberal concepts.

    George W. Bush has nothing to do with this conversation, and there’s no supposed hypocrisy to point out despite what Henry pretends, especially considering how critical the Coralville Courier was of Bush policies, such as No Child Left Behind, TSA, Prescription Drug benefit, the first bailout, etc. You see folks, Henry is flailing at straws, throwing darts, hoping something sticks. Henry just doesn’t know how to man up.

    Henry is incapable of debating with intellecual honesty. The proof is in the pudding. Instead of debating about the Wisconsin results, Henry posts nonsense like the following: “acknowledge Gee Dubya was your man for eight years and left the country with a broken economy and spiraling deficits that Obama inherited.”

    What does that have to do with the Wisconsin recall election?

    Absolutely nothing.

    And Henry’s statement is wholly rejected. Note that he doesn’t even realize he continues to make excuses, in year 3.5 of the Obama administration. It’s all Bush’s fault, according to Hentry.

  16. George Says:

    The you referenced did nothing to refute the statistics I posted. What you referenced doesn’t address the issue. It doesn’t matter if the opinion piece was listed on the front page of You are playing your silly redirect game again. What you do is sophmoric stuff.

    According to, Barrett received $3,487,144 from outside groups, while Walker received $2,333,130.

    Oh, and to play your silly little game and throw it back in your face, from your own source you ignorant boob:

    “Despite tens of millions of dollars in advertising, most voters decided on a candidate before the final ballots were even set. About 9 in 10 in early exit polling said they decided who to vote for before May, raising questions about the impact — if any — all that money for TV advertising had on the electorate.”

    What the AP cranks out these days can no longer be called hard news, but there it is. Refuting what you implied about the election being bought, the false notion that a majority of Wisconsin voters were paid to vote a certain way by the Koch Brothers.

    You’re a disappointment Henry. So much potential, so much underperformance.

  17. George Says:

    Public sector unions = leachism.

  18. Henry Whistler Says:

    “Henry Whistler’s responses amount to: The Wisconsin loss for liberals was George Bush’s fault.”

    It’s awesome being called a liar by a guy who writes pure crap like that.

    And then we run into your reading difficulties.

    What I cited refuted your idea that this was a resounding referendum on public unions. Voters disapproved of the idea of the recall as a method for solving the problem.

    You cite “most” voters as having made up their minds, which left 10% to choose. A four point swing would have tied the vote. You’d have us believe people gave Scott Walker money to run ads for no reason, which obviously isn’t how the real world works.

    Walker’s performance has been abysmal. Yes, Wisconsin was shedding jobs before, but he was rated dead last at job creation compared to other states who also lost jobs. Every other governor in the country can boast a better record.

    George, group2012, Mike Thayer, whatever his name is, tells us “dead last” is “working.”

    Talk about “underperformance.”

    You kept a shitty hack governor from getting tossed out on a technical appeal. Congrats, George, condolences to Wisconsin.

  19. Henry Whistler Says:

    Dead last.

    Dead last only equals success when you’re a Republican.

  20. George Says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me.

    Face it Henry, you can’t handle the truth. Without question the Wisconsin recall election has resulted in a negative impact on the strength of the labor movement.

    You can deny that and make excuses until the cows come home, but at the end of the day the recall election was a defeat for public sector unions, the voters of Wisconsin rejected public sector unions desires. That is reality. You’re a fool not to acknowledge it.

    And yes, it’s George.

  21. George Says:

    Let’s not forget, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the Wisconsin recall election a “dry run” for November.

  22. Henry Whistler Says:

    “Without question the Wisconsin recall election has resulted in a negative impact on the strength of the labor movement.

    You can deny that and make excuses…”

    And you can make the goal posts move further and further back with weasel words. Was it positive for unions? Hell no.

  23. George Says:

    OH MY, the bitterness from Henry continues.

    Preliminary BLS estimates: More employed, fewer jobless compared to year ago

    MADISON – The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) today released the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) preliminary data for March, showing Wisconsin’s unemployment rate declined to 6.8 percent (seasonally adjusted) from February. Compared to a year ago, more people are working.

    “Wisconsin’s March preliminary unemployment rate dropped to 6.8 percent, after holding at 6.9 percent for two months,” Secretary Reggie Newson said. “A year ago, the rate was 7.6 percent. With unemployment rates not this low since 2008, Wisconsin’s economic picture continues to improve.”

    “In addition, the same BLS survey data show more people are working today than a year ago,” Secretary Newson continued. “Approximately 18,500 more Wisconsin residents are employed compared to March

  24. George Says:

    An unemployment rate not that low since 2008, GOSH!

  25. Henry Whistler Says:

    Now help me out here…are your numbers the ones Scott Walker is making up?

  26. George Says:

    You need help all right. Walker didn’t make anything up and what the Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development reported (their numbers, I’m simply a messenger of the truth) has been confirmed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    See Table B. States with statistically significant unemployment rate changes from April 2011 to April 2012, seasonally adjusted

    Wisconsin’s unemployment rate fell from 7.5% to 6.7% from April 2011 to April 2012.

    After Walker cut some government job fat, the private sector started creating jobs.

  27. Henry Whistler Says:

    What Walker did was say he didn’t like the ordinary unemployment barometer, so he chose another that had numbers he liked. So according to the rubric that every other governor is judged by, Walker is dead last, so he gets to choose his own?

    And still, he comes nowhere near the 250K jobs he promised Wisconsin.

    You serve the truth, eh? Spoken like a guy trying to compensate for continuous lying.

  28. George Says:

    You can repeat your false diatribe all you want, that doesn’t make it true. Walker didn’t make anything up, what he has stated is supported by Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

    Why can’t you just man up and acknowledge that the Wisconsin recall election blew up in the face of public sector unions?

  29. Henry Whistler Says:

    Looks like you’re the one having trouble manning up here. You didn’t like what I said, so you repeated your earlier response.

    But it’s completely true what I said: Walker didn’t like that he came in dead last compared to every other governor in the country, so he chose a different set of numbers that he liked better, one that would not allow him to be compared to other governors.

    So why is it Republicans get to pick their own standards? Because standards mean nothing to them. He’s a Republican, the numbers look good, you’re happy! Except for this number:

    “The largest over-the-month decrease in employment occurred in Maryland (-6,000), followed by Wisconsin (-5,900)”

    But Scott Walker told George everything was good!

    Nor for the fact that Walker advertised this massive jobs explosion during his first term, and even those numbers don’t come close to his promises.

    No, George goes back and repeats himself because he’s stuck in a loop, trying to process what the proper Republican answer should be.

  30. George Says:

    No, I didn’t like what you wrote, because you’re a cherry picking asshole. Scott Walker’s statement is backed by both the Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He’s trending job gains and has more than two years left to continue those gains.

    Now, man up and acknowledge that the public sector unions’ recall effort blew up in their face.

  31. Henry Whistler Says:

    “No, I didn’t like what you wrote, because you’re a cherry picking asshole.”

    You Coralville Courier maroons and your projection problems. I’m using the same standard all other governors are rated by. Walker is using early numbers from a different standard that are a)better for him b)not permitting him to be compared to other governors.

    That’s the definition of cherry picking. And you, of course, ignore your own report’s mention that Wisconsin just recently lost jobs again.

    “He’s trending job gains…” is just another way of saying “jobs are being added.” It doesn’t mean anything other than the opposite of “jobs are being lost.” So the most recent month in your cherry-picked source doesn’t support that trend, but fine.

    But you’re hyping that molehill into a mountain of achievement, whether you use the same standard every other governor is rated by, or the cherry-picked one that doesn’t seem completely disastrous for walker.

    “Now, man up and acknowledge that the public sector unions’ recall effort blew up in their face.”

    This is you running out of shit to say, so you’re demanding I repeat myself over and over again because, surprise, it’s your cheerleading message. Somehow I expect it to be demanded that I run around in my underwear repeating UNIONS FUCKING SUCKED A DONKEY DICK!!! while my mother is sodomized before you’d be content.

    Either that or you’re just too stubbornly dumb to read what is spelled out in front of your eyes.

    Plus, you’re a massive asshole who behaves like an uncivilized ingrate with every word you type. You could give two shits about truth or what benefits the country. Thus you declare boldly crap like ‘Scott Walker told teachers to go fuck themselves (editor’s note: but he didn’t pick a fight with firefighters or cops though, did he?) and that made jobs happen.’

    Yep, unions have to rethink their future, but that doesn’t justify the plundering of the middle class so the top one percent (and even more importantly, the top one percent of the top one percent) can avoid peeling off a few of their billions in taxes. These taxes fund the government that backs up in court and legislatures their claims of immense wealth and allows avenues for even more.

    People like you decry the rallying together of workers to be treated as something other than cogs in a machine. I can see no sense of decency or honor in such a belief. It is inherently anti-democratic. And at the end of your thirty years of shaping the fiscal philosophy of the US, it’s meant nothing for working people in America. Millionaires must not be taxed more, but if you worked your whole life for a pension plan, well, you might just have to go screw yourself and see how that works out for you.

    Unions have declined in membership because corporate power has consolidated itself in such a manner as to eliminate them. The corporation is an immortal entity with no duty other than to enrich itself, one that shields its participants from legal culpability, one that owes these qualities to certain decisions of the United States Supreme Court. And yet, it is revered as the perfect capitalist machine, while the people who make them run are nearly without rights to use their actual lives as bargaining chips against pure profit.

    Going after teachers is just a continuation of the premise with the added luxury of being able to get teachers who teach science fired more easily.

    Because the lesson with rightwingers like you is this: You’re a dirty bastard with ulterior agendas sprouting from your hide, but you have to try to cloak them. I’ve been debating guys like you for nearly twenty years, and I know exactly what drives their antipathy towards public school teachers. Back when you were screaming about Whitewater and railing for public vouchers for religious schools- and what could be more socialist than trying to funnel more state money into private school enterprises?

  32. George Says:

    Your supposed 20 years of experience is 20 years of ignorance.

    Nobody went after teachers. Public sector union excess, government excess and unsustainable spending was targeted. Leave it to you to play the emotionally charged b.s. (because you lack substance).

    You can’t even lie well.

    The truth has no agenda ~ Glenn Beck

    Public sector unions and excessive government spending – 0
    Wisconsin Taxpayers – 1

    Public sector unions and excessive government spending – 0
    San Jose, CA. taxpayers – 1

    Public sector unions and excessive government spending – 0
    San Diego, CA. taxpayers – 1

    Total tally: Taxpayers 3, public sector unions and big gov. – 0.

  33. Henry Whistler Says:

    1. Look, there are bottom-feeder rightwingers like yourself and then marginally reasonable and intelligent ones who use lots of squishy language to essentially arrive at the same positions as bottom-feeder rightwingers like yourself, but they will sometimes bend and give in a little bit.

    And let’s be clear, bottom-feeders like yourself have all but driven the marginally reasonable and intelligent conservatives out of the GOP or into silence and submission. That’s why Obama passes an old Republican health care reform bill and it goes to the Supreme Court where its fate is actually in serious doubt, for example. The nuts are running the show.

    2. I don’t lie, at least not about politics (I fudge my height up by a quarter inch, omit most of my twenties from official biographies, etc.). I’ve been listening to bottom-feeder Republicans like yourself rail against teachers for twenty years for the reasons I cited, namely teaching science instead of Biblical myths, not conducting school prayer, and blocking the redirection of public funds towards supposedly private religious schools. Plus they reliably vote Democrat. And as I noted, Walker didn’t pick a fight with policemen or firefighters because those are popular professions among Republicans.

    3. You quoted Glenn Beck! LOLZ! Why am I wasting precious minutes talking to a fucking retard who would ever regard Glenn Beck as somebody to be quoted?

    4. Taxpayers win?

    Taxpayers “won” when they got the George W. Bush tax cuts. And then the tax cuts became one of the largest drivers of the deficit, the deficit Republicans try to pin on President Obama. Said deficit made responding to the economic collapse that crowned George W. Bush’s eight years as president very difficult, and Republicans immediately politicized any stimulus measures that would help a bad economy when the blame could be pinned on the president.

    There’s your stupid soundbites, and then there’s actual governing, and the Republican Party has been off the reservation for a long, long time. Their obstruction has prevented America’s full recovery and left us vulnerable to future economic collapses at the hands of Wall Street. While Republicans did everything they could to pin the collapse on Jimmy Carter and black people, they fought efforts to downsize the too-big-too-fail banks that sunk the country into a black hole (from which those banks have fully recovered).

  34. George Says:

    You can’t address straight forward reality.

    Public sector unions and excessive government spending – 0
    Wisconsin Taxpayers – 1

    Public sector unions and excessive government spending – 0
    San Jose, CA. taxpayers – 1

    Public sector unions and excessive government spending – 0
    San Diego, CA. taxpayers – 1

    Total tally: Taxpayers 3, public sector unions and big gov. – 0.

    It’s repeated, because you just don’t get it. You’re an immature, sophomoric boob that is incapable of thinking things through. You ignore history, you ignore what actually works, you ignore the Constitution and the American way of life that has demonstrated success since inception. You don’t realize, that the farther we stray from the Constitution, the worse this country gets.

  35. Lebowski Urban Acheiver Says:

    When in doubt, restate original premises even when they have been addressed.

  36. Henry Whistler Says:

    He thought his soundbite so nice he said it twice.

  37. George Says:

    If they were honestly addressed, there would be no need to repeat.

  38. Henry Whistler Says:

    They were honestly addressed. If you care to differ, feel free to explain why. What you did was repeat yourself then call me a bunch of names and accuse me of ignoring “history,” as, of course, there is only one history and it’s what you’ve read. Then you threw in some shit about the Constitution, but just more accusations, not a single thing for me to chew on or think about.

    Of course, in twenty years of arguing the Constitution with bottom-feeders like yourself, what guys like you know about it couldn’t fill up the first page of it.

  39. Mg Says:

    George made it through an entire comment thread without once mentioning Saul Alinsky.