I can’t get enough of this.

Saturday, June 9th, 2012 @ 10:21 am | Politics

2 Responses to “I can’t get enough of this.”

  1. Henry Whistler Says:

    My Jesus also visited most of the planets we’ve come to know from their appearances in the Star Wars documentaries. When your society becomes technologically advanced enough, Jesus returns and teaches disciples called Jedi knights to use the Force for God’s glory. Jedi is short for J.E.D.I., which means Jesus Exalted Deeds Invisible.

  2. Jeremy B Says:

    “…And I believe that in 1978, God changed his mind about black people [CHOIR: BLACK PEOPLE!]”

    Seriously, you could have heard my jaw hit the floor during the description of the “neutral” people in this cartoon. Wow. Just wow.