Die, tabs, die!

Friday, July 13th, 2012 @ 2:04 am | Politics

1. Bend me over and call me Candy. Democrats have finally realized it’s okay to go on the offensive with the ACA, and that it was always stupid to run scared from a historic victory. There’s not many historical parallels for such behavior that I can recall, as generally an army did not retreat after sacking a castle. Personally, the fact that Republicans had to constantly make up stuff like “death panels” and blather about socialism is precisely what illustrated how weak and arbitrary the Republican case was, requiring most Republicans to disavow themselves of all previous convictions in favor of the individual mandate. It was always an opportunity to promote liberal values of health care for all, financial responsibility, and to reshape the forces driving health care costs upwards.

While the topline approve/disapprove polling averages may not have shifted much — the country remains evenly divided on the law — there is plenty of polling evidence to suggest positive movement for Democrats. According to a recent Kaiser poll, a plurality of Americans support the Supreme Court’s decision. More important, a clear majority — 56 percent — now say they think opponents of the law should give up and move on. Just 38 percent think Republicans should continue trying to block implementation of the law. A recent Bloomberg poll found that Americans strongly support most of the provisions in the law and that few want to repeal in its entirety when given the option of also expanding it or preserving certain provisions.

2. Always worth understanding what raw financial incentives there are in lubricating politicians friendly to your bottom line…when you’re a megamillionaire like Mitt Romney anyway:

3. The Mormon church is all about prosperity theology. Most of that ten percent tithe goes towards building the Mormon business empire, including giant shopping malls. Really, I am just waiting for the American right to convert to Mormonism. The rightwing version of Christianity is so far deviated from the Bible they might as well embrace the America Fuck Yeah religion.

4. It used to be so easy beating up on Michael Gerson’s baffling constant variance with the truth that I got tired of it, but these withering takedowns bring back the nostalgia.

5. The ACA is the biggest tax in history if you hate math.

6. More of that great Republican vision for America: Policemen and firefighters at minimum wage. Remember, taxes are the devil. I guess we can call the mayor The Scranton Strangler?

7. So it’s $3 trillion in cash America’s largest companies are sitting on now? We’re in a vicious cycle where capitalism has been rejiggered to direct all profits to the top, leaving a smaller middle class to drive the economy with their spending. Thirty years of Reagan’s supply-side economics has led to an explosion of supply, with no demand. When will we return to a balanced approach?


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