Fred Phelps takes one on the chin.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 @ 1:41 pm | Christian Right

Nobody around here is shedding any tears over Fred Phelps getting dealt an $11 million judgement for picketing the funeral of an Iraq War veteran.


10 Responses to “Fred Phelps takes one on the chin.”

  1. Ali Says:

    I’m just glad that those a-hole picketers where Christian Baptists and not Muslims.

    What do Ann Coulter and her Islamo-Fascism cronies think of that?

  2. Dana Says:

    The Rev Phelps will appeal, of course, citing free speech issues; who knows if he’ll win on appeal?

    But winning an $11 million judgement against Fred Phelps is about like winning an $11 million judgement against our esteemed host; good luck in collecting on that!

  3. mike Says:

    Dana, are you saying that I don’t have $11 million at my disposal? I’ve been saving up!

    Who knows what his balance sheet looks like but you’re right, the likelihood that Phelps has that much squirreled away is pretty low, I’ll bet. On the other hand, he’ll have a lot more to keep him busy.

  4. Jesurgislac Says:

    Apparently Fred Phelps’ lawyer seriously tried to argue that the $11 million judgement wasn’t fair because his clients and their church would go bankrupt paying it.

    The judge was unsympathetic.

    But hey: of course Dana would take the Phelps’ side. Picketing funerals, screaming at the bereaved: that sounds like Dana’s smerconish Christianity.

  5. jeromy Says:

    I’m not quite sure why anybody who wears an anti-Bush t-shirt can be tasered and handcuffed, but we can’t figure out how to stop Fred Phelps from desecrating funerals. Pre-emptive restraining orders, perhaps? Harassment laws? Disturbing the peace? We can’t think of anything short of a symbolic civil suit?

  6. mike Says:

    People could set up a free-speech zone for him when he comes to town.

  7. IowaVoter Says:

    Yeah, and that zone should be inside the furnace in the power complex next to the Iowa River.

  8. mike Says:

    Ha! I was just thinking the exact same thing! I remember when Fred Phelps came to Iowa City. I think there was more of a counter-protest than an actual protest.

  9. Dana Says:

    Tell me, J, at what point did I support Fred Phelps? I stated that he’d appeal, citing free speech issues, and it was always possible that he’d win.

    Did you misinterpret the English language we both share, or simply deliberately lie?

  10. Jesurgislac Says:

    Dana, trying to pretend that you don’t share Fred Phelps’ views is kind of futile – you’ve spewed them all over your little part of the Internet for years.