Running for office by running from the past.

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 @ 11:24 pm | Clueless Conservatives

So Mitt Romney was vaulted onto the national stage for passing health care reform in Massachusetts…

And Paul Ryan for the Ryan budget…

Each is running from the very thing that led people (well, not me, of course) consider them presidential material in the first place, albeit for very different reasons. Mitt because his accomplishment became anathema to Republicans the second a Democrat, President Obama, imitated it. Ryan because his is true to Republican orthodoxy, but repulsive to the public. Their unifying theme is that it demonstrates each man is a fraud at the most fundamental level, unwilling to stand by their own fundamental rationales for political existence.

To complicate things, Romney has frequently touted Ryan’s budget but is now distancing himself from it, and Ryan once hated on Romneycare two years ago, and now is running with Mitt Romney, who might be embracing Romneycare again (which means embracing Obamacare, but he can’t say that, keep things straight folks), except it pissed off Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter so much that we’re unlikely to hear much more on that front.

Can you keep their stories straight?

Can they?


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