Pakistan Coup – the Aftermath

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 @ 4:44 pm | Pakistan

Here’s part 2 of my previous post, about the recent coup in Pakistan.

The story so far….

Supreme Court is dissolved, with the provincial supreme courts facing the same treatment.  Lawyers are beaten up and arrested en masse.  The Human Rights Commission offices are ransacked, and all who are found inside are locked up and jailed.  Martial law is imposed.  Telephone services, TV stations, all forms of communication are disabled.  For the most part.  People are still able to, however, call out on some cellular services.   I think some people are also able to get some sort of internet access, since I am able to receive Pakistani news via the newspapers’ websites.  All of whom are critical of the current regime.

One would now assume that this now a military police state, where not even a mouse can move without a military officer noticing, right? 

So what’s happening in the rest of the country?

Well in one of the northern provinces in the country, all police and armed forces officers surrendered to Taliban forces.  What the fuck?  Didn’t Musharraf just claim that the Judiciary was to blame for all the terrorists running free and rampant, and that’s why he had to impose a state of emergency?  Anyway, so not only did the Pakistani Armed Forces surrender in the North of Pakistan, but the Pakistani flags have been removed from that region.

It’s like Branch Davidians, taking over Maine,Texas  and all US government officials and armed forces peacefully giving up and handing them the reins.  Then on top of that having all US flags from the state of Texas Maine removed. [I removed Maine, since I figured Dana would say that, well they’re socialist anyway so they can have Maine]….

I’m not making this up.  This is from one of the leading Pakistani newspapers:

The imposition of emergency in Pakistan has not put any pressure on Taliban in Swat district, who have not only imposed Shariah but also removed the National flags from all government buildings in areas under their control.

By they way, I used to vacation there. Those people are peace-loving, and did not welcome the Taliban with open arms, they have been held hostage. It’s terrible and tragic what’s happening there. It’s one of the few regions that has an ancient Christian minority as well as other pre-historic animist religions which have been allowed to prosper since time immemorial. Obviously, all these ancient cultures and traditions will be brutally ravaged.


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