Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 @ 11:38 am | Barack Obama, Election crap

Obama makes especially good use of the insidious tactic of not making anything up.



  1. George Says:

    Wow, Obama campaign events attract liberal lemming idiots. SHOCKER.


  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    That’s a great reply to the substance there, George.

    Still, fair regulars had to wonder if even the popular Bud Tent could ring up some 4,000 Buds, Bud Lites—at $6 a pop—to create such a big loss in so little time. A regular businessman at the fair (slogan: Nothing Compares) told Politics Now that 1,000 beers an hour would be really good business. That would come to a loss of $6,000, assuming no one had a beer during the presidential photo op. But we digress.

    Even the receipts-deflated Cunningham conceded that it was a bit of a kick to have a president of the U.S. of A. at the fair. His great-grandfather had served as an Iowa fair official greeting Dwight D. Eisenhower during Ike’s 1954 visit.”

    So a Republican made up a number. SHOCKER.

    Do you have some kind of condition that prevents you from discussing issues like a rational human being?

  3. George Says:

    Dear dumbass,

    Do you have some kind of condition that prevents you from thinking things through?

    Obama took over the tent for the night, that’s 1,000 beers per hour for more than 4 hours, + food which is more than $6 a plate pop by the way. Even if it’s not 1,000 beers per hour and you conservatively half the number you still have to consider the food and the volume still measures up. Have you been to the Iowa State Fair and specifically that tent? I have, was there Saturday in fact. It’s elbow to elbow in business, a big line of people waiting for their beer to be poured and standing room only as in no more seats available to be had kind of situation. Stand/converse on the sidewalk. The owners numbers are totally feasible. Oh, and you *forgot* to mention that they sell more then the small size of beer priced at $6.

    The guy was honest, he conceded having Obama visit his tent was an honor, but he simply thought the takeover was unfair, on the FAIRway. The thing is, you can’t prove him wrong and that bothers you.

    But then, you only believe what you want to believe. If it doesn’t fit your agenda, you dismiss it, the truth be damned.

    You’re an intellectually dishonest person, it’s that simple.

    You’re not rational, that explains why you respond incoherently the way you do. You’re a liberal after all.

  4. Henry Whistler Says:

    1. You just wouldn’t be a winger if you didn’t parrot my lines. Cue, “You just wouldn’t be a liberal if you didn’t…”

    2. Where did you get the four hours figure? The article I cited said one hour of business was slowed, another I read speculated perhaps two.

    3. I’m glad the guy felt it was an honor. He certainly doesn’t feel it was forced on him, does he? Is anybody suggesting he was not given the option to refuse?

    4. The guy has declined to return the call from Obama’s staff. Why?

    5. The guy had a second beer tent set up to make up for the slowed business at the other one.

    6. People in the main beer tent still bought beers, just at a slower rate.

    7. LOLZ for Chuck Grassley just plain making up the $50K number. A rightwinger makes up numbers, SHOCKER!

    8. I don’t dismiss it, and in fact I think it would be great if the Obama campaign cut him a check. If we could get to the bottom of how much the guy really lost. Maybe he should return their call instead of carping?

    9. Too bad that guy now has all that beer on his hands he’ll never be able to sell.

    10. BTW this still has nothing to do with the original blog post, which is why you are the one with the problem here. Rightwinger tactics seem to be almost uniform, whether it’s here or other blogs or Facebook comments…regardless of the facts of the story, a winger comes in with some completely unrelated smear piece to change the subject.

    Which, of course, is that Romney/Ryan are going to cornhole the American voter for a lot more than this guy lost. But Mitt Romney will get a mighty fine tax cut for all the public’s losses, to be sure. And we’ll still be deficit spending through both potential terms and onwards.

  5. Jldmeyer Says:

    If you want to change the subject, George, here is a good one. Why are Republicans in Maine going to such great length to silence the delegates of Ron Paul? All but one delegate and alternate were sent letters that they violated party and parliamentary rules. The one delegate not sent a letter…a Mitt Romney delegate. Those delegates are being told they won’t be able to attend the party convention. Louisiana’s delegates are being questioned by Ron Paul because they were chosen against party rules. Apparently, Paul supporters are not welcome in Tampa, huh? Obama’s campaign of hatred is no match for the hatred the GOP has with some of their own supporters. The GOP may spin lies and call names but the GOP files lawsuits against their own kind. And here we are crying over beer.