Derbyshire exists why?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 @ 2:52 pm | Clueless Conservatives, Racism

Andrew Sullivan is ever entertained by this lackwit’s neverending attempts to reconcile civility with neanderthalism. The big rage among conservatives lately, and Sullivan has been fanning the flames, is being less than discreet about their feelings regarding race and IQ. Unfortunately, Sullivan seems to fail to realize that the topic is really very subtle and nearly useless, except as an excuse for rightwingers to vent their racism, i.e. descend into degeneracy. Case in point with John Derbyshire, the English idiot who lambasted the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre for not trying to tackle an armed madman:

There may indeed be different kinds of smarts, each worthy in its own way. In the world as it is, though, the kind of smarts that gets you a coherent nation under stable government, with a fair shot at security, prosperity, good health, and comfort for yourself and your descendants, is one particular kind — the kind measured by I.Q. tests.

In his lust to go after blacks, Derbyshire suffers amnesia and forgets the existence of the Middle East, much of China, all but the most recent history of Eastern Europe and the former USSR, Indochina, Europe’s long history of poverty and bloodshed, etc. etc. Or that high IQ scores haven’t necessarily done much to give Jewish people security or comfort. If you click and read the extended quote, Derbyshire indeed does rank as less valid the intelligence of those who are conquered or exterminated by other peoples. So indeed, since the Jews have managed to be persecuted throughout their existence, slaughtered en masse, and then decide the solution was to go set up camp in the middle of a bunch of Jew-hatin’ Arabs, how exactly, Derbyshire, is that reflected in their IQs?

Would Derbyshire’s feelings about Iran change because it’s the birthplace of algebra, accounting, highways, etc.?

Such is the Catch-22 of race and IQ…it’s almost impossible to try talking about how much smarter your people are without sounding like a complete moron…and inevitably turning into one. For every one person who can address the subject semi-responsibly, you get a thousand morons who gravitate to the subject out of insecurity borne of their own inferiority.

Personally, one of the only conclusions I can really draw from these still questionable reports are that maybe we should quit underfunding black students and cramming them into 35+ classrooms in factory schools functionally incapable of providing extracurricular activities for all their students. I already disagree with most quota systems (though I think quotas can be useful as smoke detectors to help us find where racism is calling the shots), believe in strict colorblind standards for admissions and job performance, and I think money should hinder nobody’s education. What else is there to add?


UPDATE: Not much, according to Sullivan. It’s all about affirmative action for him, he says in an earlier post I missed. Such are the perils of reading blogs top-to-bottom.

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