If First Spouses matter to you…

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 @ 9:59 am | Barack Obama, Politics

…then Hillary is hardly the only candidate with a powerhouse partner. This Salon piece on Michelle Obama in Iowa damn near made me choke up as often as it made me laugh.

But judging by the reception she receives in northern and eastern Iowa, her approach is working. It shouldn’t be natural that Obama, with her advanced degrees, her height (she’s 5-foot-11), her grace, her killer Jimmy Choo boots and impeccably tailored bell-sleeved tunics, would connect to the comparatively pale, squat groups of people who crowd restaurants and theater lobbies to hear her speak. But she does. As Mary Blake, an 81-year-old from Dorchester, tells me, “I think she’s one of our own. Our different heritage probably doesn’t matter so much if her experience leads her to understand us.” Forty-two-year-old ultrasound technician Laura Hubka, who cries after embracing Michelle in Cresco, has never voted before, but is a precinct captain because of her belief in the Obamas. When I ask what she loves about Michelle, she says, “The strength that she has as a black woman married to a black man, running for president. The trust in the American people, that we can look past that, is such a courageous act. I would vote for her for president.”

Not to make a cheap comparison, but I think Michelle Obama has some very Oprah-like qualities with her ability to relate to white audiences at a level that instantly obliterates all notions of race.


5 Responses to “If First Spouses matter to you…”

  1. IowaVoter Says:

    Spot on.

  2. Dana Says:

    Oh, good grief, if we’re voting on potential First Ladies, then it’s obvious that the nomiees have to be Dennis Kucinich and Fred Thompson!

  3. jeromy Says:

    Well, for being in her 40s Thompson’s wife definitely has some sexpot vibes going on, but Kucinich is pretty much the clear winner here. I will give Michelle Obama credit though, she’s a really, really attractive woman. She just dresses modestly, though smartly.

    All of them have Bill Clinton beat, that’s fer sure…though I guess women still get a bit bothered over him.

  4. cbmc Says:

    Jeromy you gotta be careful, if you even joke about saying something good about Bill Clinton you run the risk of affecting our right-leaning friends’ blood pressure

  5. GenericAngryGOP'er Says:

    HUH? CLINTON? Grrrrr!!!